Solo First Jump [AFF Course]

The AFF Course is the easiest and fastest way to become a skydiver. The training program combines comprehensive preparation on the ground with training jumps to get you certified in the sky.

The program begins with eight hours of classroom tuition where student learns a range of skills necessary to make a safe first jump.

Next the student begins a series of jumps designed to build the knowledge and skills required to jump alone safely.

The AFF program is based on seven jumps with requirements of the student at each level. If each level is passed on the first attempt, the student can graduate with only 7 jumps.

During the first 3 levels the student will be followed by two instructors, In the following levels only one instructor is required. After the student has passed the seven levels and the final graduation jump he/she will become a qualified skydiver with an internationally recognised license.

Frequently Asked Questions

How AFF Course works?

The AFF Course (Accelerated Free Fall) consists of 8 hours class and 7 levels jumps.
In the class the student learns all about the operation of the parachute, problems and how to handle that.
At each level of the AFF program the student will develop a new skill:

Level 1 – Altitude Awareness
Level 2 – Turns and Forward Movement
Level 3 – Hover and Heading Control
Level 4 – 90-degree Turns
Level 5 – 360-degree Turns
Level 6 – Loops and Tracking
Level 7 – Loop, turns and Tracking

Level 8 and the A License?

After finishing the 7 levels of the AFF Course you will be able to jump by yourself, but still remain under the supervision of instructors.
This phase is called Level 8. At this stage you need to meet the Progression Sheet requirements to obtain your A License.
Among the requirements to be met you need to: perform 25 jumps in free fall, at least four jumps with coach, perform the basic packing course, pass the ground school examination, and the evaluation jump.
After obtaining your “A” License you will no longer be under supervision of instructors and will be allowed to jump with other skydivers and buy your own equipment.

How long does it takes to complete the 7 levels?

Several factors can influence on this: your ability, frequency of jumps and the weather. It usually takes two weekends to complete the jumps.
If you go more than 30 days without jumping, you must review all procedures and repeat the last accomplished level.
In case of more than 120 days without performing a jump, you must redo the entire course.

After completing the 7 levels, what should be my jump frequency?

Until you get your A License the gap between the jumps should not exceed 30 days.
A License skydivers must perform at least one jump each 60 days. After this time, you must complete a refresher course.

When do have classes?

Every 2 weeks. The class starts on Friday at 9am.

The jumps happen on Saturday and Sunday or any other day that school is in operation.

What is the minimum age to jump?

You must be at least 16 years of age. Under eighteen candidates need parental consent.

What is the weight restriction?

By the standards of manufacturers and for your safety limit is 100 kg. From 90 Kg you will need the approval of an instructor to perform the jumps.

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